Welcome to Eurythmy Spring Valley

Our Home – Campus and CommunityESV-&-Brookside

When you land at one of the airports here (and there are many), one of your first glimpses is of the tremendous geometry of the skyscrapers of New York City in the distance. To find your way to our doorstep, you then drive along the many highways northward, until coming to the green suburb of Chestnut Ridge, and enter the 148 acre property of Threefold Educational Foundation, home of Eurythmy Spring Valley.


Nestled into the rolling hills of our campus is the oldest anthroposophical community in the U.S. The land was bought in 1926 to provide a biodynamic garden for the then café in Carnegie Hall, and has since seen the building of many anthroposophical institutions. On the property, besides our center for eurythmy, is the largest Waldorf School in North America, an elder-care facility, a Waldorf teacher training, and a Biodynamic training, among others.




Eurythmy Spring Valley is comprised of  the internationally known performing Ensemble and the highly respected School of Eurythmy, which offers both full-time and part-time training leading to a variety of careers in eurythmy.