About the School of Eurythmy

The Community Setting - Twenty-five miles northwest of New York City, on 140 acres of land, the School of Eurythmy has its home, along with many other activities inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s work. Among them are the Threefold Educational Foundation, Sunbridge College, Green Meadow Waldorf School, The Fellowship Community, and the Hungry Hollow Coop. The “Threefold Community” has a busy calendar that brings in people from many continents and countries to participate in courses in the arts, sciences and education. Proximity to New York City offers those studying with us an opportunity to experience some of the finest artists working in other performing arts disciplines, not to mention a resource to the visual arts provided by museums with some of the most extensive collections in the world, ancient to modern.

The Training - The School of Eurythmy offers a complete, full-time training in eurythmy, which leads to a diploma recognized by the Association of Eurythmy Trainings in Dornach, Switzerland. For those enrolled in our full-time training, we offer a pedagogical eurythmy training that allows the student to complete a teaching certification in pedagogical eurythmy.

On the post-graduate level, we offer a course that focuses on further artistic development for diplomaed eurythmists.

In addition, the School offers a one-year, full-time, artistic/sabbatical year open to anyone interested in an intensive experience of eurythmy.

The School of Eurythmy is certified to accept foreign students, so our training has a very international quality, with students from many different countries.

Applicants interested in starting their eurythmy training part-time, we have a training option called the Frontier Eurythmy Program, which has structured intensive weeks throughout the year in Spring Valley, and a corresponding home curriculum under the guidance of a mentor between training sessions. This program is only open to U. S. citizens.

History of the School – This school year, 2015-2016, Eurythmy Spring Valley reached its 43rd year of training eurythmists. Over the past four decades we have had three distinct phases in our organizational biography that have brought us to the present time.  As with many countries, our school’s first phase began with a question, “Would it be possible to have a training for eurythmists here in North America?” Lisa Monges, a eurythmist living in the Threefold Community at that time, took up this question and in 1972 the School of Eurythmy began in her living room.  It soon moved to its present location, which had originally been the studio for a local painter, and a kindergarten for Green Meadow Waldorf School. This beginning period lasted eight years until Dorothea Mier, a performer and teacher from Dornach, Switzerland, was invited to become its artistic director in 1980.

When Dorothea took over the leadership of Eurythmy Spring Valley in its second phase, her intention was to build a faculty that offered a range of different approaches and qualities. Our current faculty is very much a reflection of her wish to create diversity in the teaching. When Dorothea stepped back from full-time teaching in 2006, Barbara Schneider-Serio took over the artistic directorship and our third phase began. Our very experienced faculty is now made up of Barbara Schneider-Serio, artistic director, Annelies Davidson, Dorothea Mier, and Natasha Moss.  Rounding out our faculty this year are three young teachers in training, Elsa Macauley, Shiori Ogihara and Sea-Anna Vasilas. Our teachers come from the United States, Germany, Canada, Holland, England and Japan. The perspectives they bring from four different eurythmy trainings, widen the scope of eurythmy’s potential each day for our students. On our staff, we have one full-time administrator and development coordinator, Beth Dunn-Fox, with three part-time coordinators in student services, bookkeeping and publicity.