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August 14, 2017 - August 18,2017
ESV Summer Refresher Courses for Eurythmists

ESV Summer Refresher Courses for Eurythmists - Two Weeks of Waldorf Pedagogy 2017
Week One: 
Monday - Friday, August 14 – 18, 2017
Week Two: 
Monday - Friday, August 21 – 25, 2017
School of Eurythmy, Chestnut Ridge, NY
Single Course Fee: $450
Two-Week Course Fee: $800
New Evening Course Opportunities Added – $25 per evening for those not participating in the Refresher Courses

Eurythmy Spring Valley is delighted to offer two weeks of pedagogy for professional eurythmists in August 2017. Each course week will provide a different pedagogical focus and content for participants.

Week One will take up eurythmy for the festivals of Michaelmas, the Rites of Spring, the Maypole and others–for students in the middle of childhood, grades three to six. A vigorous and joyful approach will be offered for teaching eurythmy to students as they navigate the tender and formative heart of childhood. Cristina Geck and Laura Radefeld will guide the studies for this week.
Week Two will move into the middle senses in relationship to eurythmy pedagogy for grades six to eight, the higher senses in relationship to teaching eurythmy in the high school, and major and minor in tone eurythmy as a basis for the eurythmy curriculum. Faculty for week two will include Annette Conlon and Dorothea Mier.
Beyond the work on this year’s themes within the eurythmy curriculum and child development, we will also have time to share material with one another and discuss topics of current concern and interest. If participants have a eurythmy solo to share, it would be lovely to make time for sharing artistic work with one another.
On two Wednesdays, August 16 and 23, 2017, we have added an evening course for each Refresher week that will take an active look at presenting eurythmy to Waldorf parents with Laura Radefeld. This stand-alone course, open to eurythmists not enrolled in a Refresher week, will focus on developing lively, interactive workshops for parents that give a direct experience of the support eurythmy offers to the growing child at each stage of development. For those participating in the Refresher Weeks this course is included in the Refresher week tuition.

For information about the course, or to register, please call at 845-352-5020, ext. 113 or email:

September 01, 2017
Post-Graduate Stage Training 2017-2018
Post-Graduate Stage Training 2017-2018
Program Dates:
September 2017 – May 2018 
Application deadline: July 15, 2017 
We are beginning a new stage training program at Eurythmy Spring Valley!  If you are interested in developing your eurythmic skills, while having ample opportunity for independent project work, this program will provide the space for such a step.
  • Work with master teachers on tone and English eurythmy elements
  • Mentored projects and solo work
  • Blocks on lighting, costume, and publicity
  • Local performances, festivals, and a culminating program performance
  • Tour possibilities, developed by students, in conjunction with faculty
In the fall term, students will experience the review of elements of tone and speech eurythmy with our very experienced teachers Annelies Davidson and Dorothea Mier and begin creating a program. With the help of the faculty of the school, including Barbara Schneider-Serio and Natasha Moss, they will bring the program to fruition in the winter and spring terms, 2018. Various supplemental courses  will be offered, including lighting, costuming, along with tour organization and finances, to name a few. If there is a wish to develop a tour, this could be organized with the help of faculty and staff.
Join us for this unique opportunity to deepen your performance and artistic skills in eurythmy.
For information contact us at 845-352-5020, ext. 113, or  

September 01, 2017
Full-Time Eurythmy Spring Valley Training
Begin a Profession in Movement with the Art that Enhances Learning at Every Life Stage.
Enroll in the Full-Time Eurythmy Spring Valley Training - Opening a First Year Class in September 2017  

Application deadline: August 15, 2017

We’re excited to announce the opening of a brand-new first-year class in September 2017. This course is open to all applicants who want to start a professional training in eurythmy in the English language. Our fall semester curriculum commences with an exploration in the basic elements of speech eurythmy and an invigorating block of rod exercises, surrounded by introductory courses in anthroposophy, biodynamic gardening, poetics, and others that support first steps in eurythmy.

For those not familiar with our campus, our school is part of the Threefold Community, which is nestled on 140 acres of land, twenty five miles northwest of New York City. Other activities like the biodynamic gardening training, Waldorf Teacher training, fiber craft training, food coop, and Waldorf School, give us a rich community life, bringing people from many continents and countries to participate in courses offered in the arts, sciences and education.

Information and application can be found on our website at, or by contacting the Student Services Coordinator at 845-352-5020, ext. 113or

October 08, 2017 - October 21,2017
Frontier Eurythmy Part-time Training Course
Frontier Eurythmy Part-time Training Course:  Enrolling now for New Class Beginning in October 2017!
First Training Block:
Sunday, October 8 – Saturday, October 21, 2017
We are delighted to announce that a new class is beginning in our Frontier Part-Time Training in October 2017. The Frontier program is ideal for those who want to begin their studies in professional eurythmy, while honoring other existing commitments. Many of our graduates have started their professional training in eurythmy through studying in this program. The program is designed to cover the first-year curriculum of the full-time training over two years, with seven weeks of study in each year, accompanied by a curriculum of independent study between blocks. Unlike the full-time training at Eurythmy Spring Valley, we do not offer a new Frontier class regularly, so if you’ve been thinking about beginning the eurythmy training, this is your best opportunity to enroll in the new class of our part-time training program.
For information on enrollment and the training tuition, please call Eurythmy Spring Valley at 845-352-5020, ext. 113, or email: