History of The Ensemble

In the fall of 1986, the Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble embarked on its first performance tour to the Southwest with a full Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensembleevening program for the public, and a fairy tale for school performances.  Since that first journey 27 years ago, the Ensemble has performed continuously in North America and Europe, as well as engaged in special projects like the New World Symphony Project to sixteen North American cities, The Haydn Symphony Project, The 100 Years of Eurythmy Symphony Project and a tour to Japan.  With the number of performances, conferences and workshops we present each year, we are one of the three most active eurythmy touring ensembles in the world.

Our Ensemble membership now has a very dynamic mix between our seasoned performers; Barbara Schneider-Serio, and Natasha Moss, and our newer members; Virginia Hermann, Cameron MacArthur, Elsa Macauley, Shiori Ogihara, and Sea-Anna Vasilas. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful resource of expert choreographers working with our stage group including; Barbara Schneider-Serio, Annelies Davidson, Dorothea Mier, and Natasha Moss. Distinctive in this touring cycle is that the majority of our performing members are from the U.S., but we do retain our international flavor, with three members coming from Canada, Japan and Germany.

One of our key tools for introducing eurythmy to new communities and audiences is through the varied performances of our touring ensemble.  In this work we continually strive to develop programs that inspire and refresh people of all ages in diverse audiences; opening a direct experience of the beauty, substance and healing that eurythmy has to offer.  Beyond our performances for the public, we see the importance of bringing artistic eurythmy into Waldorf communities around the world as an essential part of developing strong and sustainable eurythmy programs within these school settings.