The Inner Orientation of the Human Being: Anthroposophy – Kashmir Shaivism, Toward a Cosmic View – A Talk by Joe Serio as a benefit for the School of Eurythmy

May 1, 2017
8:00 PM

School of Eurythmy

Monday May 1, 2017
8:00 p.m.
School of Eurythmy, Chestnut Ridge, NY
Suggested donation: $20 / $10, students and seniors
“If we follow the work of the mind invested by man in his attempts to solve the riddle of world and life, the words, ‘Know Thyself,’ which were inscribed as a motto in the Temple of Apollo, will suggest themselves to the soul in its contemplation.” If the nature of a living organism is to feel, at times hunger, then the nature of the human soul is, at times, to feel a spiritual hunger which can only be satisfied by taking up the challenge of the Greek motto “Know Thyself”. (The Riddles of Philosophy, R. Steiner)
If natural science can lead into a knowledge of the human being from one perspective, we can say then that Spiritual Science can lead to knowledge from another. Can we speak, however, not only of diverse natural sciences but also of diverse spiritual streams, to which a broader category Anthroposophy belongs, that not only also offer genuine knowledge, but offer their own insights toward the Greek motto “Know Thyself”?  Can a dialectical approach serve this knowing while at the same time free up our thinking, enabling us to truly meet what approaches from out of the world?

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