Core-Elation Stage Project Debuts

The Core-Elation Stage Project is a professional stage craft initiative that began work in September 2012 under the auspices of Eurythmy Spring Valley. The seven eurythmists from six professional trainings in America and Europe have come together to explore new formats for eurythmy performance in an artistic community just 30 miles from the heart of New York City.

Core-Elation has grown out of one of the post-graduate programs offered by Eurythmy Spring Valley. Core-Elation collaborates in the research, design, and creation of contemporary eurythmy programs alongside Eurythmy Spring Valley directors Dorothea Mier, Barbara Schneider Serio, Annelies Davidson, and Natasha Moss. Through coordinated outreach to Waldorf schools, universities, community centers, and modern dance venues, it is Core-Elation’s mission to nurture the core of the Anthroposophical movement in America, reach out to wider forums, and put eurythmy in conversation with its contemporary art forms.

Situated within the Threefold Educational Center in Chestnut Ridge, New York, Eurythmy Spring Valley has been thriving since 1972. From a small kernel as a eurythmy school that grants four-year diplomas, it has grown to include a professional stage group which performs on this continent and travels internationally. The school has grown to include a pedagogical eurythmy training, post-graduate stage training program, and hosts ad hoc groups which perform locally.  Students come from all around the globe to study with ESV’s seasoned international faculty.

Video of Core-Elation Stage Project: